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Trust Mucky Pups in Folkestone for Great Dog and Cat Grooming

Prior to booking dog and cat grooming, you want to take the time to research the company thoroughly. When you are considering a dog and cat groomer in Folkestone, you want to be sure you find one with an excellent reputation. The care of your pet should not be trusted to just anyone. A reputable dog and cat grooming place is Mucky Pups. if you want to find a good dog and cat groomer in your area, contact Mucky Pups on 01303 779679.

Finding Superior Dog and Cat Grooming in Folkestone

Would you like to have the coat of your dog or cat trimmed? A bath might be all you want for your dog or cat. If so, you need dog and cat grooming in Folkestone. Most groomers will be able to offer nail trimming and fur cutting. We are a great place to go when you want your dog or cat groomed, so visit us in Folkestone.

About Dog and Cat Grooming Services in Folkestone

Dog and cat grooming includes quite a few different things in Folkestone. It is important to consider what you want from dog and cat grooming. Your pet can be just washed if it doesn't need to be trimmed. Most groomers will clean your pet's ears and trim their nails. Visit us for dog and cat grooming, we can help you decide what kind of grooming your pet could use.

Different Advantages of Dog Grooming in Folkestone

There are as many grooming styles as there are dog breeds when it comes to dog grooming. In regard to trimming, the type of coat and its length determine whether scissors or clippers are used. Groomers can also provide speciality styles. Dog grooming always includes nail trimming and ear cleaning in Folkestone. Our professional staff will be friendly and helpful, making your dog grooming a great success.

Different Benefits of Cat Grooming in Folkestone

Often a cat does not need to be groomed quite as often as a dog, because they usually clean themselves. In some instances, you should have your cat's fur cut if it has become tangled or matted. In Folkestone, a proper grooming will help your cat to shed less, and have less of an effect of an allergic family member. A vet is often the best person to cut your cat's fur, as it can be a very stressful experience for them. Our staff are available to answer all of your cat grooming questions, Mucky Pups are your source for dog and cat grooming.